2016-2017 Club Officers (May 1 to April 30)

President: Vince Ruesch (vincer@oltmans.com)
Vice Pres: Gary Parkins (gary.parkin@yahoo.com)
Secretary: Linda Torrey (torreytwo@verizon.net)
Treasurer: Jerry Torrey (jcar297@hotmail.com)
State Delegate: Don Rybarczyk (rybie2@yahoo.com)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Rattlesnake Canyon June Run

Good time had by all...except for the guy we ran across on 2N03 and burnt Razor.
Click HERE for photos

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Saline Valley Pre-Run

Wanted to let everyone know that we were able to pre-run the June run to Saline Valley this weekend.  The entire route was open with no obstructions or issues.  Dad, Rudy, and I went north on Hwy 395 and got gas at the last station near hwy 168 in Big Pine.  We then took Death Valley Rd. into Eureka Sand Dunes, Dedeckera Canyon, through Steele Pass and into Lower Warm Springs.  Next day went across Saline Valley, around Racetrack Valley and camped in the Hunter Mountains.  Today left the Hunter Range, down to Panamint Springs, Trona, and Randsburg before making it home.  Here are some photos of the trip.